What is EMF

You can neither see nor feel most EMF except for a very small portion of the EMF spectrum that we see as visible light and feel as heat from ultraviolet radiation. It is our inability to sense most EMF and the ever-increasing evidence that the EMF levels we are exposed to cause biological harm that make our understanding of how EMF behaves necessary.

Let’s start with an EMF you are familiar with: visible light. When you stand outside during daylight under an umbrella you are shaded but you are not in the dark. That’s because EMF, like the name states is a field and you can visualize a fields behavior acting almost like a gas spreading out from the source but able to wrap around corners and enter through cracks. Curtains can keep out day light, but a little light can seep in around the edges. EMF also behaves like this and is a consideration when shielding is an option and also necessary. EMF at different frequencies behave differently, some can be shielded, and some cannot. EMF at different frequencies also reacts differently on the human body. Some EMF can go through walls and travel great distances while some field intensities can not.

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Disclaimer: Dammit Jim, I am an engineer, not a doctor! The information shared on this website is the result of peer reviewed, scientific literature I have read. This is in no way medical advice. Should you need medical advice, please seek the help of a medical professional.