About Eileen - Helping raise awareness about Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) so you can reduce your exposure.

In the Beginning....

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I have always been fascinated by electricity which is why I got my degree in electrical engineering and went to work at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It was shortly after I started working there I came across a study linking children who live near high voltage transmission lines to higher rates of childhood leukemia. This was the first time I recalled thinking that being around electricity and the EMFs they generate could potentially cause us harm.


Keep phone in airplane mode around pregnant women and children.

Fast forward many years and I'm watching my pregnant daughter-in-law prop her cell phone up on her belly. I remember thinking - That can't be good. That was the start of my deep dive into researching EMFs and their biological effects. What I have learned has shocked me (sorry-no pun intended). There are literally thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies showing EMFs have an adverse biological impact on humans (also animals, insects and plants). 

EMF Expert Consultant

My search to learn all I could about EMF led me to become a Certified EMF Expert Consultant. A Certified EMF Expert Consultant can measure the different types of EMF in your home and offer suggestions on how to reduce your exposure.   Measurements by an EMF expert can also reveal hidden sources of EMF such as a magnetic field generated by incorrect household wiring, a well hidden cell tower nearby or excessive amounts of dirty electricity. Having measurements taken in your home by a qualified EMF Expert who can offer mitigating steps is the surest way to make sure you are reducing your exposure.


Today we are not only exposed to EMFs created by the electricity we use but also by a proliferation of EMFs generated by wireless technology. We are now immersed in EMFs, what has been called electro smog, to the point where it is hard to find a place where we are not radiated. I have spent the last three years learning all I could about EMF and one of the most important things I have learned is children are more vulnerable and need special consideration and protection.

Right Now....

I get it, I've been where you are and it can be a little overwhelming. You want answers but there seems to be conflicting information. You want to protect yourself and your family but you're not sure how and worried this may mean giving up the technology that you feel you can't live without. I can help, the science is clear and there are ways you can reduce your exposure without going back to the dark ages.  It is my sincere desire to alert people to the dangers of EMF and help them reduce their exposure. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

I am available for consultation by e-mail, Zoom and in home evaluations in the Southern California area.

Please contact me at EMFtrustedPro@gmail.com to schedule your consultation.

Contact me at EMFtrustedPro@gmail.com to schedule your home inspection and start reducing your exposure today.

Disclaimer: Dammit Jim, I am an engineer, not a doctor! The information shared on this website is the result of peer reviewed, scientific literature I have read. This is in no way medical advice. Should you need medical advice, please seek the help of a medical professional.